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Promotional Film Production

Would you, as a brand owner, do anything to promote your brand?

Are you seeking to do more to market your products and services?

Are you searching for a suitable mode of conducting your marketing and advertising campaign?

Do you want to do more to increase your customers’ loyalty?

Well, hello promotional film production!

As the name suggests, promotional videos promote a product via detailed filming, which ultimately creates brand and product awareness. Unlike regular brand ad videos, promotional films are more detailed and more extended. A film-based marketing strategy is preferred for various reasons. The world is increasingly digital, and the internet is majorly moved by video and film content. To remain valuable amid the market competition, a brand should take advantage of the trends.

The trend moving waves today in brand marketing is promotional film production, and here are reasons why:

Benefits of promotional film production

You should only do what is beneficial to your brand, which includes investing in creating awareness of your brand. In the same light, brand marketers will not canvas the prospects of promotional film production unless “it brings something to the table.” In this case, the right audience gets a brand message and is propelled to take action.

1. It is longer and more detailed

The rigid rules of creating ad videos, including keeping ads short and straightforward, may make such videos less detailed. In practice, the length of an ad video depends on the type of video production and the message being passed. However, the rule of thumb demands keeping the length within shorter limits.

Promo films, however, can go as long as 2-3 minutes to accommodate their precise nature. An example is a promo film describing a new brand product (say new toothpaste flavor or laundry soap) and a graphic but engaging story about the ingredients used in producing it.

2. Boosts customers confidence in a product

Customers do not appreciate vague products. When the use or purpose of a product or brand lacks clarity, it becomes a chore to use. Promo film productions move a brand’s clientele to greater confidence and loyalty in the brand or a new product being introduced.

3. Increases the rate of returning visitors

When visitors return to your website, it only means one thing – you have potential business leads lurking around. Customers want to be satisfied that they can trust a brand. And professionally produced promo videos will convince them that your brand is trustworthy and should be preferred over your competitors.

4. Presents a brand as unique and different

With the economic space saturated with brands sharing the same business objectives, a lot has to be done to distinguish a brand from the others. For instance, there are various athleisure and sportswear brands in the fashion industry. Still, over time, the target audience draws close to specific brands than the others. This is so because the former has made a name for them, one way which is professional brand promo videos.

5. Promo films are more engaging

Promo videos are imbued with characters, real feelings, expressions, and more. It goes beyond photo-shopped pictures and graphic designs. They are more personal and thus create a more engaging scenario for the target audience.

6. Promo videos are persuasive

The success of a video ad is its ability to cause customers to heed the call to action. This is extremely important to a brand as a call to action always leads to lead conversion. One way to persuade your prospects to take positive steps relating to your brand is by creating promo films.


The expected preliminary process in creating promotional films includes creating the story (using a storyboard), conducting proper casting (if there will be actors), taking care of all the logistics, and ensuring the administrative duties are out of the way. These steps and more are to be done before the proper filming, which is the production stage. And after that, the editing and the distribution of the promo videos.

Promotional film productions have come to stay, and this fact cannot be contested. The sooner your brand gets on board with this marketing trend, the sooner you achieve the utmost optimal maximization of your business.

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