Are you a business owner looking to convert leads?

Are you seeking to build your brand visibility and credibility?

Do you know that a lot can be done for your brand by effect advertisements?

Do you want to know what makes for a successful brand advertisement?

One way to boost your ROI and transform your brand into one of the biggest competitions in the market space is by strategically marketing your business through commercial videos. Research shows that people watch video ads more than they do other ads (text and so on).

Suppose you answered in the affirmative to the questions above. In that case, you are in the right place because, in this article, you will learn about commercial videos and what the benefits of creating a commercial video will have for your brand.


Traditionally, commercials are videos marketing a business and broadcasted only on TV and radios. But in recent times, companies tend to sell their brands on digital platforms, hence the preference for digital commercial videos like Facebook video ads, web videos, and general online video ads.

Commercial videos have one purpose; to inspire a call to action as regards a brand or business. You can achieve this by effectively communicating the brand promise to the target audience and influencing them to take a business action like patronizing a service, buying a good, or becoming a regular customer.


1. Commercial videos are preferred to other types of marketing strategies

Research has it that in 2021, people will watch 100 minutes of online videos daily. As of 2020, 99% of commercial video marketers pledged to continue using commercials for their brand marketing, and 95% of these marketers commit to increasing their budget and how much they spend on video marketing. These high numbers show that commercial videos drive potential customers to more than other forms of advertising.

2. Incorporates visual and audio forms of advertising

Commercials make use of two critical sensory – videos and audio. By so doing, commercials heighten the interest of the viewer and keep them hooked to the video. It is easy to concentrate on the details where the subject matter uses audio-visual means to communicate to the viewer. In such scenarios, customers are more likely to memorize whatever message your brand video passes and answer your call to action.

3. More potential to lead to business leads

Commercials are often viewed by many people at a time. Creating a more significant chance that your commercial will be heard and seen by many prospective customers. Leading to leads conversion because they – your prospects – are satisfied with the video.

Digitally, any information on the internet can be shared, and this includes videos like commercials. The probability of your videos being shared (especially if a viewer is convinced that your brand is the solution to their needs or problems is high). This also contributes to its reaching many potential leads.

4. They can be measured and analyzed

Like YouTube and Facebook, most digital advertising platforms allow you to analyze and keep track of your commercial videos' progress. With features dedicated to that purpose, you can follow up on the number of views your commercial video is getting; or if they are watched till the end. You can also see the numbers of likes and shares and the number of clicks and feedback from viewers.

With measuring and analyzing the videos comes the opportunity to improve and avoid errors in subsequent videos. You will get to know where to put more effort next time and what content in your commercials drives your customers and viewers. In essence, analyzing makes you a better brand video creator.


So if you want to increase your brand visibility in Lausanne, consider getting a commercial video done.